We Revealed: What is zac efron’s workout routine?

Zac Efron’s workout more intense than you imagined
Zac Efron’s workout more intense than you imagined

Forge your own beach physique with this training plan from Efron.

Zac Efron is one of the fittest male celebrities and he has spent years bulking up with a grueling workout routine. The average preparation time for Hollywood training usually lands somewhere around four to six weeks, but Efron started the work eight months before the cameras were on.

Zac Efron may have been blessed with undeniably good genetics, but make no mistake: The lean physique he showcases in Baywatch has been earned.

“I have been training actors for 20 years and I have never seen anything quite like his work ethic,” says Efron’s trainer Patrick Murphy. “He was crushing two sessions a day, doing lifeguard courses, and then going on 20-mile bike rides. There is a laser focus he has about his training. On top of that, I never once heard him groan about doing another rep.”

Proving that his hard work is paying off, the actor regularly tackles ninja warrior courses, jumping from rope to rope, lifting tyres and completing non-stop pull-ups on the beaches of California, in addition to hours spent in the gym each day.

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“Patrick’s training was confusing at first,” Efron says. “He pushed me to my limits with a very multifaceted style: strength, explosiveness, fast-paced, calculated, diverse, and gut-wrenching workouts. It was fun … you never know what he’s going to throw at you the next day.”

How it works

Since it was important that Efron not just look like a lifeguard but be able to perform like one too, some exercises are explosive to build speed and agility along with muscle mass.

The main feature of the workouts is supersetting doing two exercises back-to-back with no rest in between. Not only does this approach save time, it also doubles as cardio, burning more calories and enhancing the “pump” that drives more nutrition-filled blood into the muscles for fast growth.

For his nutrition, he follows a strict diet, including several nine day detox cures in which sugar and carbohydrates are off limits, to be replaced by as many organic vegetables and lean proteins as he likes. 12 weeks of training later, the result is a sharply toned silhouette with rock hard abs and pecs and little over 5% body fat – the average is somewhere between 15% and 30%.

A quick glimpse into the life of a fitness fanatic, via his Instagram.

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