The Superset – miracle weapon or myth?

The Supersatz - miracle weapon or myth?
The Supersatz - miracle weapon or myth?

It does not only sound cool, it also brings something: With the so-called supersets you can accelerate your muscle growth, save a lot of time during the training and also boost the fat burning. ATHL3TICS explains how supersets work.

This is how supersets work

In normal fitness training, an exercise consists, for example, of 3 sets of 12 reps. In between, take a break until you get ready for the next set. In the supersets, a new one is executed immediately after each set of exercises. However, not the same exercise but another. And here are three different ways to install the supersets in his training.

Variant 1: Train the same muscle groups

In this variant (also called a composite set), two different exercises are performed successively for the same muscle part. For example, bench presses (with a lot of weight) and then butterflies (with little weight) to train the chest.

The advantage is that the muscle is trained and exhausted at maximum and from different directions. This results in stronger stimulation and thus faster muscle growth. Especially athletes who have reached a training platform (stagnation) can use this method to stimulate new growth.

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Variant 2: Train Antagonistic Muscles

In this variant, the exactly opposite muscle parts (antagonists are called the opponents) are trained. For example, the biceps and immediately afterwards the triceps.

Train Antagonistic Muscles
Train Antagonistic Muscles

The advantage: This method leads to a very balanced training of the body, since muscle areas are not neglected. For example, while the biceps is being trained, the triceps and the rest of the way stretch. In addition, the risk of over-training is less, since individual muscle parts are not exhausted as in variant 1. This allows shorter breaks between the sets to be built up and the metabolism thereby increased. And because different muscles are trained without a break, the training period is shortened.

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Variant 3: Whole body training

In this variant, two completely different body parts are trained one after the other without a break. So, for example, the legs and then equal the belly or the arms.

The advantage: above all, a time saver. This allows you to complete a whole body workout in a training unit. If the pauses between the sentences are reduced to a minimum, the metabolism is strongly stimulated. Thus, one can practice a pair of exercises (legs and belly) three times in succession without a break and only allow themselves to rest before the next pair of exercises.

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You must look out for that

In particular, for variant 1, you should perform exercises that you can master well, because the maximum fatigue of the muscle can lead to errors and injuries. Also, one should not use variant 1 too often, otherwise the body is accustomed to it and the growth stimulus is weakened.

In the case of variants 2 and 3, it should be noted that due to the short breaks the body is very heavily stressed. A one to two-day break is important as it can lead to total exhaustion if the training is too frequent. Under no circumstances should you train the same muscles for two consecutive days.


Written by Marcus

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