Quark with linseed oil: the combo is so wholesome!

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Low-fat quark and flaxseed oil are high meals individually: low-fat quark supplies the muscle groups with a very good portion of protein and flaxseed oil accommodates many wholesome omega-3 fatty acids. The mix of quark and linseed oil is alleged to be even higher. We requested nutritionist Inga Pfannebecker about this and discovered what the duo can actually do.

However earlier than we unravel the “secret”, let’s check out the constructive properties of the 2 meals individually and the way you profit from them.

Low-fat quark supplies loads of protein for the muscle groups

Low-fat quark accommodates one factor particularly: protein. A proud 13.5 grams per 100 grams. The physique can optimally make the most of the animal protein as a result of it has a excessive organic worth. As well as, low-fat quark could be very low in energy (round 70 energy per 100 grams), just about fat-free and likewise very low cost.

There are scrumptious recipes that assist muscle constructing in our diet plan:

The excessive protein content material together with the low quantity of energy and carbohydrates make low-fat quark one of the crucial standard meals for athletes. And what about skyr? Study the variations between skyr and low-fat quark.

Flaxseed oil is the right supply of omega-3 fatty acids

Flaxseed oil has the best content material of omega-3 fatty acids of all vegetable oils – 53 grams per 100 grams. These unsaturated fatty acids are important for all times and have to be ingested every day by means of meals as a result of your physique can not produce them itself.

Since your mind itself is made up largely of fats, it is no shock that it wants sufficient fat to operate correctly. With one to 2 teaspoons of linseed oil per day, your mind can work optimally. “With its omega-3 fatty acids, linseed oil additionally ensures that the ldl cholesterol degree and blood strain don’t rise too excessive, and thus protects in opposition to calcification of the blood vessels and in opposition to coronary heart assaults and strokes,” explains nutritionist Inga Pfannebecker.

As well as, omega-3 fatty acids are indispensable for muscle constructing as a result of they assist protein biosynthesis and make sure that the protein from meals may be transformed into the physique’s personal protein. These 10 meals are notably excessive in omega-3 fat. As well as, linseed and linseed oil enhance digestion.

Quark with linseed oil: What’s so particular concerning the mixture?

Each low-fat quark and linseed oil are wonderful meals that, amongst different issues, successfully assist muscle constructing. However when you mix them, you profit twice: the constructive properties of the 2 particular person meals not solely complement one another completely, their impact is even enhanced.

Our knowledgeable can be satisfied of the meals duo low-fat quark with linseed oil. “The combination is ​​an amazing combo that retains blood sugar ranges low and retains you full for a very very long time because of the high-quality fats and excessive protein content material.” The fats from the linseed oil ensures that the digestion of the protein is slowed down. Or in different phrases: the physique is equipped with protein extra slowly, however longer. This isn’t solely vital for athletes, but in addition for individuals who need to shed pounds.

“As well as, the sulfur-containing amino acids from the low-fat quark make sure that the high-quality fatty acids from the linseed oil may be higher absorbed and utilized by the physique,” says the nutritionist.

The mix of linseed oil with quark is the right snack for losing a few pounds and likewise for constructing muscle. You’ll be able to take pleasure in it for breakfast, in between or earlier than going to mattress as a protein-rich bedtime deal with (for optimum regeneration at night time).

By the way in which: This isn’t a meals pattern or hype created by some influencer. The so-called “oil-protein weight loss program” was developed by the pure scientist Dr. Johanna Budwig (1908 – 2003), who spent years researching the well being results of fat, particularly omega-3 fatty acids. The quark-oil duo described right here is hidden behind the title “Budwig Creme”.

How typically ought to I eat cottage cheese with linseed oil?

You’ll be able to mainly eat oil with quark (or skyr) daily, there’s nothing unsuitable with that. The time does not matter. Benefit from the mixture both as breakfast or between meals (200 grams of low-fat quark + 1 tablespoon of linseed oil + recent fruit of your selection). A spoonful of flaxseed, slightly honey, chopped nuts or a couple of oatmeal complement the ability breakfast completely.

Alternatively, you can too use it to make a salad dressing or stir it right into a selfmade herb quark and eat it as a dip with boiled potatoes. Solely use linseed oil for chilly dishes. When the oil is heated, the nice substances are destroyed and might even be transformed into dangerous trans fat.

Tip: It’s best to solely purchase linseed oil in small bottles, similar to Steinberger’s natural linseed oil, which you’ll be able to retailer within the fridge and burn up inside a month. As a result of regardless that linseed oil has many strengths: shelf life is unquestionably not one in every of them, because it shortly turns into rancid.

Low-fat quark with linseed oil is a wholesome snack that helps you shed pounds and optimally helps muscle constructing. Collectively they kind an ideal mixture and complement one another completely.

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