People who do not drink alcohol die sooner

People who do not drink alcohol die sooner
People who do not drink alcohol die sooner

You probably all know it, this voice in your head. You wake up after a long night. The room rotates.

The pain pulsates in your head. Your stomach feels as if invisible hands cling to it. And your inner voice whispers: “Never again.”

After the enjoyment of alcohol (a bit too much of it) seldom sneaks the conscience. There is again this nagging feeling that one has to pay more attention to his health. His life finally get to the line. The repentance is intensified by the numerous studies on how harmful alcohol is.

Opportunity strikers live longer

Alcoholics  have a 20-year  shorter life expectancy, it says. Every ten seconds a person dies by alcohol , they say. If only it would not taste so good … If an evening with friends and Gin Tonic would not be so funny …

Should not it be best to do without it? There is good news for all those who are discomfited by this idea: People who do not drink alcohol are dying in the past. It sounds absurd, but a scientific study by the University of Texas came to this conclusion.

The researchers examined a period of 20 years. During this time 41 per cent of the casual strikers died prematurely (ie before the end of the average life expectancy). In the case of people who were completely without alcohol, it was 69 percent. Even with alcoholics, the rate was still 60%. Hard to believe. But true.

Alcohol is related to fulfilling social life

The study was large enough with 1,824 participants to be meaningful. Other factors that shorten the life expectancy of the researchers were the researchers, in order not to get a wrong result. How much sport the subjects drove, how much money they earned, how satisfied they were general.

And yet the result was clear: alcohol seems to prolong life. The researchers can not fully explain this either. They suspect that people like to drink in company and therefore have a more fulfilling social life.

Other studies have already shown that people who drink no alcohol are more depressed. This can also be related to loneliness and isolation.

How much alcohol is healthy?

The researchers from Texas nevertheless urge to drink in moderation. The relationship between alcohol and liver disease and memory loss is very likely. In Germany doctors recommend that men should not permanently drink more than 0.6 liters of beer and 0.3 liters of wine a day. For women, a limit of 0.3 liters of beer and 0.15 liters of wine applies.

Now and then to beat the severity is not harmful. The occasional drunken stupor is studies show even more harmless than daily alcohol consumption.

Maybe you offer your inner voice to drink a glass of fraternity and tell her, “Everything is so bad.”


Written by Marcus

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