How often do you have to train for the dream Body?

The perfect beach figure does not come from starvation but from training - it is particularly effective in high-intensity but short intervals
The perfect beach figure does not come from starvation but from training - it is particularly effective in high-intensity but short intervals

The beach holiday is approaching, but the Sixpack is far and wide nothing to see? There is also no ten-day miracle diet, but only the right sports program. An expert explains what is important.

Each summer again goes for many of the fight against the flab off again – a decent beach body must be found, and quickly as possible. That this is not to be done with a starvation diet alone, is now clear. Only a healthy diet and a tight sports plan can really help.

But how often should you train in the week? Every day, is it perhaps more effective, or do the weekends end – and when, how long and intensive should the training look, so that results can be visible as soon as possible? The best thing to do is ask a personal trainer: Arlow Pieniak as a fitness therapist and trainer in Hamburg fit fit people, and in his (also under fashion bloggers!) Popular Studio Work it .

Intensive workouts are more effective

Recent studies indicate that intensive training sessions are most effective when dealing with fat burning at short intervals (High Intensity Interval Training, HIIT for short). Pieniak agrees with this, because the body only goes to its “valuable” fat reserves, which thousands of years ago were actually still vital in the event of food shortages, if necessary.


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Pienak says: “Perhaps it is precisely the life, the effort is so high that the body can only afford it if it is in addition to the freely available carbohydrates in the blood And in the muscles also the energy from the fat reserves taps. ”

In the long term, this has the advantage, explains the fitness expert further that the body becomes more and more effective in fat burning. A person who makes a HIIT every day will consume some more energy than he feeds the body – also called negative energy balance. Nevertheless, “the idea that quiet perennial training burns more fat proportionately , but correctly, but not absolutely. A misunderstanding that is quite stubborn. ”

In terms of fat burning and all that has to do with the circulation, training at a high pulse rate (as with the HIIT) is more effective than a moderate training . “However, moderate training can be a very essential thing better: reduce stress. This may not necessarily be the focus for many, but a high stress level is not only unhealthy but also bad for fat burning, “says Pieniak. In this respect, continuous loads should be a permanent place in the training plan.

You should train as often during the week

Does much help much? Yes, says the Hamburg fitness expert, because “our body is designed for movement, only a lack of movement hurts it”. However, one should not exaggerate immediately, who has not exercised so often before, should not train six days a week, but the number of training units steadily increase. And true sports muffins or people with very little time, who still do not want to look completely untrained, also come out with three units a week, says Arlow Pieniak.

This should include a sporting week

HIIT, yoga , pilates, jogging, swimming, strength training – the offer is almost inexhaustible and far more than a week’s day. But what sports really bring something to the perfect figure? “This is where I am going to tell who is looking for health or visual benefits.” These two sports are part of the “Training” category – so they have no other goal than to change the body positively. “Not only in terms of losing weight, but also to eliminate pain or postural damage.”

Couple goals!

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“On the other hand, yoga, pilates, jogging or swimming are all about the goals of the sport itself.” While you try to master specific figures, you try to jog and swim, especially fast or persevering, when climbing And bouldering to overcome new levels of difficulty. It is not so much about changing the body – this is a positive side effect, but never the primary goal. This type of sport should therefore always be chosen according to personal preference and fun factor.

These exercises should not be missing in any training plan

When it comes to strength training, the personal trainer recommends the following basic exercises: knee bending, pressing, cross lifting and bench pressing or lying support – because they form the basic patterns of human movement. “Only those who master these exercises should dare to more complex things such as failure steps, jumps or kettlebell swings,” advises Pieniak.

In the case of high-intensity interval training, however, the exercises should be chosen according to personal preference and skill. “Whether you are doing a HIIT on the bicycle gauge, the track or with the Kettlebell depends on how fit you are and what you like.”

Time for the work-out and the resting phase

Here too, of course, it is not possible to generalize: the duration of the workout depends on the individual’s fitness and the training goal to be achieved. Arlow Pieniak recommends 30 to 40 minutes of strength training for beginners, or any comparable interval training should take between five and 25 minutes.

Seven days a week to durchzupern brings the body nothing, he also needs rest days. In particular, beginners should adjust sports and resting phases according to their own training level and do not train more than three days for four days of rest per week. Professional athletes, on the other hand, train several hours per day, depending on the type of sport.

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And what does the expert recommend in case of a nausea? The opinions, whether one should train or better pause, go so far apart: “With sore muscles one should not repeat the same strain, which caused the muscle soreness . Because the muscle is not regenerated and therefore the risk of injury is higher. “However, if the muscle soreness develops out of the strength training, a HIIT or moderate persistence training is offered – both help the muscle during the regeneration, explains Pieniak.

Training units in everyday life as a training substitute?

If you have little time or are rather skeptical about sport, you can simply add certain training sessions to your daily routine by climbing stairs rather than taking the lift. In the first place, according to Arlow Pieniak, it is really important to integrate the right movements into his everyday life. So to be right, to go or to move at all.

However, at this point it must be conceptually separated, says Pieniak. “Training employs training-stimulating stimuli that make the body change something. Fat, build muscle or the like. Physical exertion, as the name implies, can be very strenuous, but it is not a training excitement. ”

In order to systematically change his or her body, precisely controlled stimuli must build on one another – and this is practically impossible in everyday life. The work in the garden or the dragging of shopping carts is exhausting, but does not give the body any training-stimulating stimuli to increase performance. “It is very good and healthy to take the stairs, to ride a bike et cetera, but that’s just not a workout.”

The right diet

No dream figure comes only with sports – nutrition is also crucial. Therefore during the sporting phase vegetables , proteins (from fish and meat) as well as high-quality fats from nuts and oils should be consumed , and sugar, white flour, “bad” fats and alcohol should be avoided.

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“However, most of the people who start sporting their diet at the same time make the mistake of taking too little energy. And after a short period of time, they break both the sport and the diet change. “Therefore, one should advise both high-quality and sufficient nutrition, the personal trainer advises. And this is often more difficult than you would think.

Visible success is quickly apparent

With proper training and a suitable diet , the first visible success can be achieved after only four weeks. However, the Hamburg movement therapist warned against focusing too much on the balance. “In such a change, so much is happening in the body that one loosely loosens two kilograms of fat without losing one gram on the scales.” He recommends buying a fetish tweezers or making it even easier to make a before-and-after photo. This should be judged by someone else, however, because as always you can judge yourself the worst – at least optically.


Written by Marcus

Fitness is not always easy and there is no perfect plan for everyone to stay fit for life. That is why I have set myself the goal of finding the most accessible way for people to build healthy lifestyles.