Mike O’Hearn Trains Worlds Strongest Man Brian Shaw

Mike OHearn trains brian shaw - Mike O’Hearn Trains Worlds Strongest Man Brian Shaw

53-year-old pure bodybuilding celebrity Mike O’Hearn is likely one of the most skilled lifters on the planet.

Mike has been profitable in his profession, has competed in bodybuilding powerlifting, and has an MMA background.

Mike has been featured on lots of of journal covers in his health profession, and he has received the Mr. Universe (Pure division) 4 instances in his profession.

Mike makes use of energy bodybuilding to get stronger, look higher, and have longevity.

Though Mike is over 50-years previous, he nonetheless appears to be like nice and is powerful.

Mike not too long ago educated with strongman legend Brian Shaw; Brian has received the World’s Strongest Man competitors 4 instances in his profession and holds many different titles within the sport.

The 40-year-old strongman veteran is 6’8 and weighs round 400-lbs.

Though Brian is likely one of the greatest and strongest males on the planet, he nonetheless can take recommendation from the pure bodybuilding celebrity Mike O’Hearn.

Mike explains to Brian what he has accomplished that has made him profitable along with his coaching.

Though Brian could also be stronger than Mike, he nonetheless can be taught from the veteran; Mike additionally has a background in powerlifting, so he is a superb all-around athlete.

Mike’s huge information of coaching and his unbelievable physique has turned him into one of many superstars within the health scene; he additionally has achieved his success naturally.

How would Mike look if he took steroids?

There isn’t any method of realizing, however he most likely would be capable to compete at Mr. Olympia if he did.

Mike O’Hearn Coaching Worlds Strongest Man Brian Shaw

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