Lee Priest Offers His Opinion On Natty Bodybuilders

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Lee Priest is among the high bodybuilders globally; in his aggressive days, Lee competed on the most prestigious bodybuilding contest on this planet, Mr. Olympia.

Lee had quite a lot of success as knowledgeable bodybuilder; along with his unbelievable work ethic and improbable genetics, Lee Priest turned professional earlier than utilizing steroids.

lee priest now - Lee Priest Offers His Opinion On Natty Bodybuilders

Actually, earlier than Lee took something, he appeared massively massive, and that’s as a result of his unbelievable genetics and laborious work.

On a podcast with Dave, Palumbo Lee provides his opinion on bodybuilders that declare to be pure.

Bodybuilders equivalent to Mike O’Hearn, Simeon Panda, and Ulysses JR have taken the health trade by storm for his or her all-natural physiques.

Not everybody believes that they’re, the truth is, pure. Nevertheless, Lee proved that you possibly can construct an unbelievable physique with out touching steroids when he was younger.

Lee Priest gave his opinion on bodybuilders that declare to be pure:

There’s received to be expectations to the rule, in sports activities, in bodybuilding, you bought two or one guys that come alongside yearly which can be simply genetically gifted, it doesn’t matter what they do, what they eat, they gonna develop, they gonna look past unbelievable after which you will get that in basketball, baseball, soccer, athletics. We’re going to have them sort of issues nobody can run this quick with out medication. What f’in annoys me and makes me rage are these dickheads that sit at dwelling and complain about it. It’s like who provides a f***, if somebody comes alongside and says I’m pure and so they look good who provides a shit? Except you will get a blood check and show it you simply take their phrase for it. However these little f***ers that sit behind the pc as a result of they appear f***ing shit they get so upset : Oh he says he’s pure however he isn’t. It’s since you are most likely taking gear and look worse than him, you aren’t going to please all people, folks simply get upset.

Lee Priest Offers His Opinion On Natty Bodybuilders (video)

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