Kilokick: That is how efficient the burden loss technique is

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The so-called Kilokick guarantees to lose as much as a kilogram of physique fats at evening. It consists of solely three elements: low-fat quark, egg white and lemon. The mix of meals ought to be significantly conducive to speedy weight reduction. Along with Inga Pfannebecker, certified ecotrophologist, meals journalist and cookbook writer, we came upon whether or not the quark dish can actually hold what it guarantees.

What’s the kilo kick and what does it do?

The quark combination helps with weight reduction. “Egg white and quark make the combination very protein-rich, lemon contributes vitamin C. Each can stimulate the metabolism – protein, by which it fuels power consumption, vitamin C is vital for correctly functioning fats burning,” explains vitamin knowledgeable Inga Pfannebecker. As well as, the combination incorporates solely about 230 energy and hardly any carbohydrates (10 grams). This ensures that the blood sugar degree stays low. Hardly any insulin is launched, which permits the physique to optimally burn fats.

Why does protein enhance my metabolism?

“Protein is sweet for losing a few pounds for 3 causes: It has a very excessive satiating impact, however offers fewer energy than fats and stimulates the metabolism. That is primarily resulting from the truth that the breakdown and digestion of protein is extra time-consuming for the physique than, for instance, these from carbohydrates. Among the energy provided by the protein are due to this fact instantly used for the digestion of the protein,” explains the nutritionist. So-called thermogenesis, or warmth technology, is stimulated by protein. Vitality is burned and launched as warmth, growing your dietary power expenditure.

Because the processing of protein is especially strenuous to your physique, when metabolizing 100 energy from protein, virtually 1 / 4 of the calorie consumption, roughly 24 energy, is already “powdered” once more. In case you eat numerous protein, for instance the Kilokick, about 25 % of the power is transformed into warmth throughout digestion. This makes it simpler to drop extra pounds.

With our particular plan mixture of coaching and vitamin plan, you may attain your required weight in simply 8 weeks:

No weight loss plan ought to be with out protein. Proteins, or their constructing blocks, the amino acids, are very important to your physique. Pores and skin, hair, muscle tissue or physique cells consist principally of proteins. As well as, hormones and enzymes want the amino acids to operate correctly.

by the way in which: In case you do not eat sufficient protein, you lose muscle mass, particularly on a calorie-restricted weight loss plan. The physique then attracts the power it wants from its personal shops, primarily from the muscular tissues. To counteract this, you will need to take note of the protein consumption.

Kilokick Recipe: You want these elements

The recipe for the Kilokick couldn’t be less complicated, however this simplicity and the mixture of the meals has a very constructive impact on the metabolism.

Elements for 1 serving:

  • 250 g low-fat quark
  • 2 egg whites (liquid egg whites come in useful right here)
  • Juice of half a lemon or to style
  • Sweetener (xylitol or erythritol) and cinnamon as wanted


  1. Separate two eggs and use a mixer to beat the egg whites till stiff. The yolk will be saved for different dishes.
  2. Add the egg white to the quark combination and blend with the juice of half or an entire lemon. You’ll be able to add some sweetener or cinnamon for those who like.

When and the way usually ought to I eat the Kilokick?

In an effort to use the constructive impact on fats burning, it is best to eat the Kilokick as dinner. The next lengthy break from consuming in a single day permits essentially the most fats to be burned. How usually you eat it’s as much as you, so long as you eat a wholesome and balanced weight loss plan. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t put together it greater than as soon as a day.

Does the Kilokick actually work?

The promised weight lack of over a kilogram in a single day is feasible with the assistance of the Kilokick. Nevertheless, not a kilogram of fats is burned. Weight reduction is primarily resulting from water loss. A wholesome individual is topic to a standard weight fluctuation of as much as three kilos per day. These are largely resulting from modifications within the water steadiness. In case you substitute your night meal with the Kilokick, you not solely eat fewer energy, but additionally much less salt and carbohydrates. Salt and carbohydrates result in water retention. In case you cut back your salt and carbohydrate consumption, extra water is excreted, which is noticeable on the scales the following day. Nevertheless, this isn’t physique fats.

So that you should not anticipate miracles from the Kilokick. Solely with a daily calorie deficit are you able to obtain success in losing a few pounds. In case you soak up too many energy, even the kilo kick can’t compensate for them. However, the Kilokick can help weight reduction. Mixed with a reduced-calorie weight loss plan and loads of train, the Kilokick can drive weight reduction with out shedding an excessive amount of muscle.

Are uncooked eggs harmful?

Uncooked eggs really comprise salmonella. “These usually sit on the shell of the eggs. Washing them off with scorching water (it have to be over 70°C) can destroy the salmonella. This reduces the danger, however nonetheless doesn’t remove it. There’s a threat of salmonella an infection when consuming uncooked eggs,” emphasizes Inga Pfannebecker. If you wish to be on the protected aspect, you may order recent bottled egg whites as an alternative of recent eggs, for instance the bestseller from Pumperlgsund. As a result of the product has been pasteurized, there is no such thing as a threat of salmonella

An an infection with Salmonella could be very disagreeable, however normally not life-threatening for wholesome folks. Nevertheless, anybody who has a weakened immune system, for instance resulting from power diseases, ought to undoubtedly keep away from consuming uncooked eggs, as ought to kids and the aged.

Sure, the Kilokick might help you drop extra pounds. However solely together with a reduced-calorie weight loss plan and train. Shedding one kilogram of fats in a single day is unquestionably not doable and stays wishful considering. Higher: Cook dinner our scrumptious weight reduction recipes from the cookbook and drop extra pounds in a wholesome approach.

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