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Fast Stats:

Age: 28
Top: 5’8” – 174 cm
Weight: 201 lbs – 91 kg

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How did you get began with bodybuilding?

I obtained began within the fitness center for 2 major causes, and the primary purpose is absolutely very humorous. (Laughs) Once I was in highschool, I used to be at all times the strongest man in my classroom. However throughout summer season whereas nonetheless in highschool, a few my buddies began going to the fitness center, and so they turned very sturdy and muscular. I grew involved that they have been going to be stronger than me once I went again to high school, and that’s once I determined to begin going to the fitness center. As quickly as I began coaching, I noticed outcomes virtually instantly! Coaching turned my ardour and my way of life. The second purpose I turned interested by bodybuilding was as a result of my uncle was a bodybuilder.

My uncle gave me plenty of encouragement, and he taught me plenty of issues within the fitness center. From that time on I saved coaching, and the remainder is historical past!

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The place does your motivation come from?

My motivation comes from inside. I’ve such an enormous ardour for this sport as a result of I like to problem and push myself every day. I like the self-discipline and the satisfaction I get from coaching.

I don’t do that to show something to anyone; I do that to show to myself that I might be higher every day!

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What exercise routine has labored greatest for you?

My routine actually depends upon my targets. Proper now on Saturdays, I normally prefer to concentrate on a full higher physique routine; I’ll do one train utilizing 4 units for every muscle group. On Sundays if I’ve the vitality, I’ll go for a hike or another outside sport that doesn’t require an excessive amount of effort. (Laughs) However for the second, that is my favourite routine.

Full Routine:

Monday: Chest/Biceps

  • Incline Bench Press 4 x 10
  • Machine Fly’s 4 x 15
  • Cable Crossovers 4 x 15
  • Cable Pullovers 4 x 12
  • Flat Bench Dumbbell Press 5 x 12/10/10/10/8
  • Hammer Curl 5 x 12/10/10/10/8
  • EZ-Bar Curls 4 x 10
  • Focus Curls 4 x 12
  • Incline Alternate Dumbbell Curls 3 x 15

Tuesday: Legs

  • Squats 5 x 10/8/6/6/20
  • Barbell Lunges 5 x 8/8/6/6/20
  • Hamstrings Curls 4 x 12
  • Leg Extensions 4 x 12
  • Standing Calf Raises 4 x 25
  • Single Standing Leg Curl 4 x 10
  • Seated Calf Raises 4 x 25

Wednesday: Again/Triceps

  • Seated Row 4 x 12
  • Underhand Grip Pulldowns 4 x 20
  • Single Arm Pulldowns 4 x 15
  • V-Bar Pulldowns 4 x 15
  • Cranium Crushers 5 x 12
  • Rope Pushdowns 4 x 12
  • Body weight Skulls 4 x 12
  • Straight-Bar Pulldowns 3 x 20

Thursday: Shoulder/Traps

  • Army Press 5 x 6
  • Lateral Raises 5 x 20
  • Arnold Press 5 x 6
  • Entrance Raises 5 x 20
  • One Arm Lateral Raises 4 x 15
  • Face Pulls 4 x 15
  • Dumbbell Upright Rows 4 x 12
  • Shrugs 4 x 15

Friday: Legs

  • Squats 5 x 10/8/6/6/20
  • Barbell Lunges 5 x 8/8/6/6/20
  • Mendacity Hamstring Curls 4 x 12
  • Leg Extensions 4 x 12
  • Standing Calf Raises 4 x 25
  • Single Standing Leg Curls 4 x 10
  • Seated Calf Raises 4 x 25

Saturday: Higher Physique

  • Incline Bench Press: 4 x 10
  • Army Press 4 x 6
  • V-Bar Pulldowns 4 x 15
  • Arnold Press 5 x 6
  • Shrugs 4 x 15
  • EZ-Bar Curls 4 x 10
  • Rope Pushdowns 4 x 12

Sunday: Relaxation/Open air Exercise

  • Hike 45 minutes

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For those who needed to choose solely 3 workout routines what would they be and why?

  1. Squats: They actually work my entire physique and produce essentially the most testosterone, I like them.
  2. Bench Press: That is my favourite train as a result of I like to coach my chest essentially the most.
  3. Arnold Press: The Arnold Press helps give the shoulders a extra rounded form which helps give the shoulders extra of a 3D look.

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What’s your food regimen like?

I take advantage of a versatile weight-reduction plan method. Relying on the muscle group I’m coaching, I’ll do some carb biking. At the moment, my macronutrient breakdown is about 40% protein, 40% advanced carbs and 20% fat.

Every day Weight loss program:

  • Meal 1: 2 Scoops Whey with Water
  • Meal 2: 5 Entire Eggs and 6 ounces Quinoa
  • Meal 3: (Peanut Butter Sandwich) 2 tablespoons Sugar-Free Peanut Butter and a pair of slices Entire Grain Bread
  • Meal 4: 8 ounces Grilled Rooster, 6 ounces Wild Rice and 1 giant Inexperienced Salad
  • Meal 5: 2 scoops Whey and Water
  • Meal 6: 10 ounces Salmon and 5 ounces Cottage Cheese
  • Meal 7: 1.5 scoops Micellar Casein with Water

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What’s the one meals you couldn’t reside with out? And do you’ve got designated cheat days/meals?

Hamburgers; I couldn’t reside with out them! (Laughs) I’ve a cheat meal each 5 days, however only one meal; not an entire days-worth of cheats. I feel that’s an enormous mistake that lots of people are likely to make.

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What’s your supplementation like?

  • Pre Exercise Stimulant
  • Protein
  • Micellar Casein
  • HMB
  • Glutamine
  • CLA’s
  • Multivitamin and Minerals

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What are a few of your favourite outside actions outdoors of the fitness center?

Exterior of the fitness center, I like to go mountain biking and play paintball!

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What’s one thing not many individuals find out about you?

I’m truly slightly bit shy.

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Favourite Quote:

“All the time proud, however by no means glad.”

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Social Media

Web site:
Fb Fan: Julian Tanaka
Instagram: @juliantanaka1

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Fitness is not always easy and there is no perfect plan for everyone to stay fit for life. That is why I have set myself the goal of finding the most accessible way for people to build healthy lifestyles.

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