Are heavy weights really better for muscle growth?

Are heavy weights really better for muscle growth?

A workout with weights is still considered an efficient way to the trained body. However, many take over because they believe: More helps more. But how much weight should you train?

If you always weigh properly weights, the individual exercises may not work correctly. “The consequences of an incorrect weight selection can be a performance period or injuries on the movement apparatus,” warns Marcel Reuter, a fitness expert and lecturer at the German College for Prevention and Health Management.

How much weight is okay?

Force training with lower weights is called strength training. In doing so, the trainee finds a weight, which he can move with 15 to 30 repetitions. The high repetition rate improves muscle metabolism and movement. This form of training is suitable not only for beginners, but also for performance-oriented athletes – in this case, the foundations for higher intensities are created.

Exercising with high weights, on the other hand, helps with muscle building. The so-called hypertrophy training with eight to 15 repetitions strengthens bones and connective tissue and ensures better joint stability.

Important: Do not exaggerate weight, but exercise the exercises cleanly
Important: Do not exaggerate weight, but exercise the exercises cleanly

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Avoid overloading!

But: the higher the weight, the higher the load on muscles, ligaments and bones.

Force tests show which weight is right for the athlete. And with a multi-repetitive force test, you can also determine which training intensity should be achieved. An instrument for this is the individual performance-image method (ILB method). The current performance is then tested, which then serves as a guideline for the next training unit


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