Boost Your Metabolism

With perseverance and power sport to the dream figure
With perseverance and power sport to the dream figure

Choose the right food to kick-start your metabolism and increase fat burning.

Kick-Start Your Metabolism

Metabolism constitutes the base for all vital processes in the human body. Certain foods and methods can help boost your metabolism. The more active your metabolism, the more calories are burned in your body.

Choose Food Wisely!

Exercise and a healthy diet are the perfect combination to get, or keep your body in shape. There’s not just certain workout programs that make your fat melt away, choosing the right foods can also increase fat burning and ramp up your body’s calorie consumption. Ingredients like Vitamin C (in oranges, lemons, bell peppers), L-carnitine (in meat) or capsaicin (in pepper, chilis, bell peppers) can all speed up weight loss.

Foods for Fat Burning

Capsaicin is contained in hot, spicy foods like chili or ginger. Similar to when you’re working out, hot foods heat up your body – which boosts your calorie consumption in the short term. Vitamin C, which you can find in citrus fruits, blackcurrant or cabbage, activates your metabolism. The L-carnitine in meat causes your body to burn more energy during physical activities, thereby forcing it to resort to its own reserves.

All You Need to Know About Coffee

The stimulating agent in coffee – caffeine – also boosts your metabolism while increasing energy turnover by up to 100 calories per day. Two espressos or two cups of filter coffee are enough for this effect to kick in. So, coffee not only keeps you awake, it also contributes to a smaller waistline. However, this only works if you have your coffee black and without sugar.

Past 30, our metabolism automatically starts slowing down. Reason enough to give it an extra boost.

Water Boosts Your Metabolism

According to a German study, water stimulates metabolism. By drinking 0.5 liters of water before a meal increases your energy turnover by approx. 30% for the next 60 minutes. Additionally, the temperature of your drinks might affect your metabolism. Cold drinks require energy from your body to heat them until they reach body temperature. But, hot drinks boost your metabolism as they make you sweat.

6 Tips to Boost Your Metabolism

  • Get enough sleep! If you sleep too little, your metabolism will automatically slow down.
  • Sweating pays off. Not only exercise makes beads of sweat pop up on your forehead. Also sauna sessions, infrared light and hot baths help you relax while stimulating metabolism.
  • Eat fresh fruits & veggies. Foods with a high content of soluble fiber not only contain less calories, but also boost your metabolism.
  • Your metabolism loves regularity. Irregular meal times mix up your body’s metabolic processes. For your metabolism to work best, three meals a day are recommended.
  • Treat yourself with a healthy breakfast. Studies show that breakfast kick-starts your day. If you skip breakfast, your body reduces energy consumption.
  • Strengthen your muscles! Exercise is the most effective method to boost your metabolism. Strength training especially stimulates your metabolism due to the increased proportion of muscle mass.



Written by Marcus

Fitness is not always easy and there is no perfect plan for everyone to stay fit for life. That is why I have set myself the goal of finding the most accessible way for people to build healthy lifestyles.