Experts dont trust this Family Transformation

Experts dont trust this Family Transformation
Experts dont trust this Family Transformation

The path from alcoholic to bodybuilder is long.

A 32-year-old Chinese man, however, who wants to motivate his supposedly addictive father to take part in sports and a healthier lifestyle, now wants to prove the opposite in the media.
Together, the two men want to have undergone an impressive transformation in just a few months. This story is making waves, but according to a graduate sports scientist, it’s “a big prank”.

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32-year-old Jesse and his wife had a child. In many cases a phase in which the man becomes more comfortable. The Chinese, however, wants to achieve exactly the opposite and infect his father.

In the past few weeks, Jesse has told its story to various media, including the web portal “Boredpanda“. His mother had offered to stay with the spouses for a while to help the pregnant woman – in his eyes this was a great opportunity to strengthen the bond within the whole family.

The future grandfather moved in and moved in with them. According to Jesse’s statement, his father, an alcoholic, is said to have been ill at the time. In order to give him joy in life again and a better body feeling, he wanted to come up with the idea of a joint health and weight loss offensive.

It is said to have borne abundant fruit in a very short time, as can be seen in various photographs on Instagram.

Extreme transformation causes a sensation

The men want to have their program constantly increased. Beginning with moderate running, they are said to have ventured into jogging shoes, integrated more and more exercises into their workout and then become members of the gym.

More details about her training routine will not be revealed. Jesse, a professional photographer, took his camera every ten days to document the development of the two men.

This has already begun – at least in the pictures – very early on after the official launch of the “Abnehmoffensive” (March 30,2017). Encouraging enough to motivate the women of the family to participate.

The after-baby-body of the young mother could be seen again immediately, also the grandmother lost her belly circumference.

Visibly falling pounds

From week to week, father and son were significantly slimmer, looking ever fresher and healthier.

The beer gave way to a washboard belly, the men’s bodies became more and more athletic – a remarkably positive development, especially for the supposedly alcoholic head of the family.

The people on the March photos have hardly any resemblance to those of September, and the net community is correspondingly enthusiastic, with comments à la “UNBELIEVABLE, how much younger your daddy looks!”! “Oh my God, respect!” and “inspiring transformation.”

However, many users are surprised that Jesse has been able to get his father out of the alleged addiction and turn him 180 degrees so easily. And Felix Klemme, a graduate sports scientist and personal coach, has even more doubts about the whole story.

Expert believes in “smart commercial coup.”

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Chuck admits that the customer success of the two Chinese is in any case possible within the given period of time. In this case, however, it was a deception.

He took a close look at the photos on Jesse’s Instagram account. He was immediately struck by his father’s bloated stomach, who from his experience spoke more in favour of food intolerance.

“very typical of gluten intolerance. Then the belly produces a lot of gases and appears round as a ball.”

The trainer also ascribes the man’s cheeks, which appear “chubby”, to a wrong diet. This can cause the face to swell. “It’s quite possible that he left out cereals and sugary foods after the first docu-photos and quickly appeared slimmer as a result.”

My Daddy and mom #fitness #gym #muscle #bodybuilding #sport

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The younger “hero” is also a fake. “It’s easy to see that he’s actually slim and stretches out his stomach on the beforehand photos.”

Chuck searched through the photographer’s account and found older pictures that were created BEFORE the alleged body revolution. “He was already fit for that, you can see him in the gym many months earlier.” The sports scientist is sure that “the guy is a photographer and has worked hard on the pictures on top of that”, and considers the campaign to be “a very big prank”, although an absolutely clever coup for a cheap advertising measure.

“He has achieved a great deal of coverage through media coverage. His Instagam account already counts more than 14,000 followers, and counting.”


Maybe the expert is right, but maybe there’s something to the story. Quintessence: The alleged fitness success is definitely possible! This should help us – regardless of whether others cheat – to protect our own lives.


Written by Marcus

Fitness is not always easy and there is no perfect plan for everyone to stay fit for life. That is why I have set myself the goal of finding the most accessible way for people to build healthy lifestyles.