Elle Macpherson, how can I still look like that at 53?

Elle Macpherson, how can I still look like that at 53?
Elle Macpherson, how can I still look like that at 53?

It’s hard to believe that Elle Macpherson – supermodel of the 80s and 90s – will be 54 years old in a few weeks!

We have taken a closer look at this body and reveal how women of her age can still look like that.

At the age of 18 she made her breakthrough as a model. Starting with the glossy magazine “Elle”, she graced one magazine cover after the other and became most famous for the “Sport Illustrated”.

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That was in 1992 in the swimwear edition of the fitness magazine – and Elle Macpherson in a tight swimsuit of the sight, which gave her the nickname “The Body” in public. This was the reason for countless campaigns, including a lucrative line of her own at the Australian lingerie label Bendon.

And it’s still there today!

Elle Macpherson is now 53, a mother of two and hardly ever ambitious as a model. Therefore,”The Body” presents her only to her private environment and, to our delight, to Instagram.

Every few weeks she shows her lightly dressed here – only a few days ago in a khaki bikini, which uncovered a well-trained belly, of which blood-young models like Kendall Jenner (22) can only dream. The woman is not getting older, but at most even more crisp.

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And this supposedly works without any magic. “No, I didn’t have plastic surgery,” she assured The Telegraph. Botox and similar things would not be in question for them, especially no laser-treatments. “I spent too much time in the sun, lasers would cause pigmentation changes in me.” So everything is homemade. But how?!

Elle Macpherson’s Fitness Tips

Not surprisingly, training is part of Macpherson’s daily routine. However, as she explains in an interview with the American “Hello!” magazine, she is less dogged than before.

“I’m barely going to the gym and instead I’d rather take a three-quarters of an hour for outdoor sports.”

Miami is the perfect place to live for that.

“I love paddling, surfing, swimming and water skiing.”

She recommends everyone to exercise for 45 minutes a day – it doesn’t even have to be excessive training.

“Go for a walk with the dog or leave the car and run to work!”

And how does “The Body” eat?

“I’m trying to eat clean, so I eat a lot of green salad, fruit and vegetables, as well as non-hormone treated chicken and fish.”

Thus, her body is supplied with everything he needs. In terms of nutritional supplements, it is therefore limited to protein powder, which it prefers to mix with almond milk to shake.

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This is a good, nutritious snack and contains all nine essential amino acids, plus nutrients that keep blood sugar levels stable, saturating dietary fibres and B vitamins for more stress resistance.


We would like to congratulate the beautiful Australian on her good genes and say thank you for her well-meant tips. This way we will certainly not mutate into “The Body” ourselves.

However, you can implement them – good New Year’s greetings! guaranteed not to cause damage.


Written by Marcus

Fitness is not always easy and there is no perfect plan for everyone to stay fit for life. That is why I have set myself the goal of finding the most accessible way for people to build healthy lifestyles.