This is the most common mistake during training

The daily training does not pay off? We explain how this can be.
The daily training does not pay off? We explain how this can be.

Exercise regularly and the fitness effect comes from all alone? 

Unfortunately, it is not always so. After all, whoever works out on a weekly or even daily basis often misses the hoped-for effect. 

ATHLETICS reveals what it can be and how to make it better.

Is it perhaps you yourself?

You are able to cope with your training effort effortlessly, but the desired weight loss or fitness success is not available?

Then it is high time to change something, because you commit the most common training error!

How can I vary the training?

No matter whether swimming, running or sports – the pensum should be increased in the sense of a performance increase by more units per week and also the training contents are varied regularly.

The scope, intensity and technology can be adjusted according to individual objectives. If you want to lose weight, according to Froböse, it will do well with 30 to 60 minutes – the ideal training time to activate fat burning.

The greatest possible health effect is achieved by a combination of strength and perennial training on two to four days per week.

When it comes to strength endurance, the overall exercise duration and / or the number of sets per exercise should be increased. 15 to 20 repetitions per exercise are, according to Froböse, optimal to improve the strength endurance.

If you create 20 repetitions without problems, the contents should vary and thus create new stimuli. When walking, the load is to be increased, or the load is increased at the same time by running at a faster or higher altitude.

Intensification increases efficiency

If you want to burn fat fast and increase the endurance performance, you should increase the intensity of the workout, ie, train shorter and at the same time high load. One example of this is the HIIT training, short for high-intensity interval training .

Here runners place short distances at a much higher pace.

On the other hand, there are tracks that run slower. Such a training increases overall fitness and provides a long-lasting afterburning effect in calories.

A total of more muscles are activated, which leads to an increased stress on the cardiovascular system.

Deeper muscles are also addressed and the coordination is improved.

For muscle building sensible …

… is to lift larger weights with less repetitions. A lower number of repetitions with a simultaneously higher weight promote muscle build-up. Important: The weight must be chosen so that the muscle would not create any more after the number of repetitions.

A common mistake is: too light weights.

Choose as much as you can maximally control within the repetitions you select. But be careful: before starting an intensive workout, a doctor should confirm the fitness for sport.

In the case of strength training, it is important to be supported by an experienced trainer in order to avoid errors in the execution.

By the way, another training environment usually presents new challenges. Jogger about profited from different running tracks.

For the motivation, it is good to always try out new tracks. This is because runners can collect new impressions.

Also breaks are important

With all the variation one thing should not be forgotten: the scheduling of time-outs. Fitness athletes should try to concentrate on their body and their goals during training.

It is helpful to forget all worries and problems when you put your sports shoes on. Only those who manage to free themselves from the rest during the training achieve the concentration that is necessary for a performance increase.


Written by Marcus

Fitness is not always easy and there is no perfect plan for everyone to stay fit for life. That is why I have set myself the goal of finding the most accessible way for people to build healthy lifestyles.