With Calisthenics, the gym is everywhere

With Calisthenics, the gym is everywhere
With Calisthenics, the gym is everywhere

The sprouting wall, the horror of school gymnastics, has just become a popular fitness tool. The reason for this is the trend sport type Calisthenics. Athl3tics explains what is behind it.

It all started around the turn of the millennium in the streets of New York. The city built various sports parks in residential areas, where people could train away from fitness studios – comparable to the well-known “trim” thread here. On the bars, bars, bars and pull bars can only be trained with weight.

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From this simple form of outdoor fitness the sport Calisthenics developed. The name comes from the Greek and is composed of “kalos” – beautiful and “sthenos” – force. Calisthenics is precisely about this combination: endurance, strength and body control combined with aesthetics and elegant movements in the individual exercises.


The supporters of the sport do not need much training. You could train with all that is available: park bench, wall, ladder. In a more professional environment, for example, stretching bars and rungs are added.

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Calisthenics, for example, requires the use of whole body tension. Since the weight remains constant, however, the exercises have to be made more difficult – for example by means of supersets (minimizing the pause), adjustment of the lever or angle and by explosive execution.


How and where does it go?

Whoever has really wanted to do so now: so far, Calisthenics groups are found mainly in large cities such as Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. You can also start your workout at home, there are enough videos for beginners on the Internet. However, it is important not to overstretch and to increase the intensity of the training slowly and continuously.

Calisthenic exercises for beginners

In a Calisthenics Park you could be overwhelmed without the basic principles and thus lose the motivation, so start with simple exercises and slowly increase the complexity.

Professional Achim Gölles explains by an example how it can run: To be able to bring the body one day in the so-called “frontlever” on the bar in the Waagerechte, one begins with pull-ups. Whoever can not do this starts with exercise exercises for the arms, etc.

As with most sports, Calisthenics also has a small start, stay tuned, have fun.


Written by Marcus

Fitness is not always easy and there is no perfect plan for everyone to stay fit for life. That is why I have set myself the goal of finding the most accessible way for people to build healthy lifestyles.