• Calisthenics

    Push Up Record

    The goal of the workout is simple. Do as many push ups as you can and do it 5 times. You will burn a lot of calories and your chest will burn. Buts its worth it! More

  • With Calisthenics, the gym is everywhere

    Lean X

    The HIIT Workout Lean X strengthens, defines and shapes your entire body. It supports you to achieve a full body fitness by including the right exercises of all important body parts. You burn tons of fat and build muscle. More

  • Bodyweight Pro

    Body Shaping

    Bodyshaping is a highly intensive interval training (Hiit) which trains and shapes your whole body. The scientifically based workout combines maximum fat burning with optimal muscle building and includes high-heart rate exercises followed by lower body, abdomen and upper body muscle exercises. With this workout you’ll burn countless calories, even after you’ve stopped exercising (after […] More

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