Fitness and Nutrition made easy

One app for all your training goals

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Personalized meal plans

Nutrition is 80% of the results. Get personalized plans to reach your goal. Enjoy hundreds of healthy, easy to follow and delicious recipes we deliver in app just for you. Simply choose what type of food works for you – Regular, Vegetarian, Vegan or Gluten Free.

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Workouts that adapt to you

Simple, intuitive, unerring: the Athl3tics app guides you to training success. Find the perfect plan for your individual training goal, whether you want to build muscle, lose weight, tighten your body or increase fitness. Rely on our experts or just create your own plan.


Whether you’re a runner, fitness fan or just starting out – Athl3tics lets you get rid of annoying pounds, gain strength and shape your muscles like never before.

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